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Kailh Box Blueberry Ice Cream Pro Switch

Kailh Box Blueberry Ice Cream Pro Switch

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Speed linear switch with faster reaction, performing better in games.
  • Type: Linear
  • Pre-lubed: yes
  • Material: Full POM
  • Operating Force: 40±10gf
  • Pre-travel: 1.0±0.4mm
  • Total distance: 3.5±0.3mm
  • Sound Level: low
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    Factory Pre-Lubed

    Box Blueberry Ice Cream Pro Switch is factory pre-lubed. After many debugging testings of the lubricating oil ratios, we’ve reached a balance point that improves the entire POM switch body’s smoothness

    Long Spring

    Box Blueberry Ice Cream Pro Switch is equipped with a long spring to provide a strong rebound, delivering a unique and smooth fingertip feel.

    Innovative “Box” Structure

    The innovative sealed “Box“ structure prevents dust and water from corrosion and provides extra protection for the contact plate and leaf. 

    5-Pin Stable Base

    The 5-Pin structure increases stability and greatly reduces the wobble of the switch when it is pressed.

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