Goblintechkeys story

Freedom to express your workspace

At Goblintechkeys, we don't just talk about freedom; we live it! We goblins are all about letting your naughty, funny, and inventive side run wild.

Our treasures aren't just pretty trinkets; they're gateways to unleashing your creativity. We believe in giving you the freedom to turn your workspace into a reflection of your wild, goblin-esque personality.

When you choose Goblintechkeys, you're embracing the power of self-expression. With us, your workspace becomes a playground, and you're the mischievous mastermind. Every item we craft is a symbol of freedom because we're all about celebrating your unique vision.

Step into a realm where your workspace transforms into an extension of your goblin self, a testament to the freedom we live and breathe alongside you.


Here at Goblintechkeys, we're on a mission to empower fellow workspace enthusiasts to let their goblin spirits roam free. Through our carefully concocted, custom keycaps, keyboards, and desk mats, we aim to inject personality into your workspace, igniting your creative spark and supercharging your productivity.


Our dream is to be the biggest mischief-maker in the world of workspaces, much like how Ikea revolutionized homes. Guided by our cherished value of freedom, we're here to reshape how folks perceive and personalize their work environments. Starting with personalized keycaps, keyboards, and desk mats, we're leading the charge in the workspace customization revolution. Our vision is to empower individuals with the freedom to curate workspaces that scream their unique goblin style and spirit.

Our Story

We started Goblintechkeys in the year 2022 by offering mass-produced, anime-inspired keycaps, keyboards, and desk mats. The business was tough; our cash flow allowed us to survive for another 6 months. We couldn't really differentiate what set us apart from the strong competitor, a keyboard store with anime themes.

One day, someone named Belle emailed us, mentioning that she had just moved to Canada for work. Her job required her to type in Thai, and she asked if we offered QWERTY-THAI layout keyboards. After discussing it with our partners, we decided to personalize a custom set just for her, designed to match her workspace. She immediately felt respected and showed her appreciation.

As a born and raised free thinker, I love being different and always identifying what I want (this often leads my best friends to call me a weirdo, haha). That experience with Belle got me thinking —why not focus on personalized keycaps, keyboards, and desk mats to revolutionize workspace setups? This approach allows the freedom to express your personality, individuality, hobbies, beliefs, and anything else you want to convey.

We understand that becoming the world's largest Workspace setup enhancer is a long journey. Currently, we're only at stage 1.0 (offering personalized keycaps, keyboards, and desk mats). We have a significant way to go. We deeply appreciate all the supporters who believe in what we're doing, backing us through our entrepreneurial journey. One day, we will achieve what we believe in!


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