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Kailh White Owl Box Switch

Kailh White Owl Box Switch

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As the Master version of the BOX White switch, the White Owl switch is officially released. This switch is a strong tactility switch. The main color of the switch body is white stem, with translucent top cover and gray POM base, which perfect match the temperament and color of the white owl. The 46g force is almost the same as the ordinary version of BOX white switch, but the difference is that the white owl switch has a stronger tactility than BOX white, bringing a more intense feel feedback, and the White owl switch also has a light pipe, so that the luminous effect of the shaft body has been greatly improved.


Product Specification:

  • Operation Force:46gf
  • Bottom Force:70gf
  • Tactile Force:≥15gf
  • Pre-travel:1.8±0.3mm
  • Total-travel:3.6±0.3mm
  • Mechanical Life:80 Million
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      Perfect Typing Experience

      The Kailh White Owl Switch is a clicky switch with a strong tactile feedback. It features a white POM stem, translucent PC cover, and gray POM base. This switch takes inspiration from the temperament, power, and color of the white owl.

      Military Level Gold Alloy Contact

      The inside of the switch adopts a military-level gold alloy contact to offer better durability performance. It greatly helps to improve the oxidation resistance of the switch and guarantees the switch for up to 80 million keystrokes.

      Short Spring. Stronger Rebound

      The short spring design of this switch brings a stronger rebound than ordinary springs as well as it binds the 5-Pin structure to deliver a stable pressing experience.

      90% Light Transmittance

      It is crafted with a light guide post to achieve a luminous effect that can reach 90% light transmittance through the switch body. 

      Square Dust Wall Design

      The square dust wall can prevent dust and water from corrosion and increase the switch’s lifespan and longevity. 

      Product Structure

      Technical Data

      White Owl Switch

      • Type : Clicky
      • Operation Force : 46±20 gf
      • Pre-travel : 1.8±0.4 mm
      • Return Force : ≥15 gf
      • Tactile Force : 70±15 gf
      • Total Travel : 3.6±0.3 mm
      • Sound Level : Loud
      • Operation Life : Up to 80M cycles
      • Suitable For : Typist

      Product Spec

      Customer Reviews

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      Lucas L
      More Responsive and Deeper Sounding Than the "Box Jade"

      Being a fan of the Kailh Box Jade, I am very happy with the performance of the White Owl switch as it feels more responsive, thanks to it's return force, than the Jade. While the switch still features a loud click sound, I find it to be a deeper sound than the Jade, but still brighter than the Box Naxy. The design of the switch housing allows for great RGB transmission and the grey/white color looks very clean.

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