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Goblintechkeys Exists to Help Artists Succeed

Let us handle everything else while you focus on creating and sharing your artist shops

Enjoy the benefits of a fully functional e-commerce store without any hassle - simply create your unique keycap set and spread the word!

  • Design your own artist-inspired keycap set with the help of the Goblintechkeys keycap designer.
  • Have your keycap featured in the goblintechkeys Marketplace.
  • We take care of everything, from inventory management and manufacturing to shipping and customer service.
  • Experience world-class hosting and checkout process with Goblintechkeys.
  • Sell to anyone in the world.
  • Completely free to sign up for and use (with no minimums)!

print on demand keycap

It used to be difficult to sell your own keycap sets due to high minimum order quantities required by most suppliers. However, at Goblintechkeys, we offer a unique solution - no minimum order quantity. Once printed, we will ship directly to your customer, allowing you to focus on your core business and services.

Minimize expenses and potential dangers

print on demand keycap

Lower your expenses and minimize potential risks. Say goodbye to the issue of unsold merchandise taking up space as frozen assets. With Goblintechkeys, there's no need for inventory, no obligation to make upfront investments, and no warehousing expenses or required minimum order quantities. You only pay when your customers make a purchase.

Boost earnings while lowering expenses.

print on demand keycap

Boost your profits while cutting expenses. Take advantage of the largest keycap printing houses globally to elevate your earnings. The collective order volume through the Goblintechkeys network leads to economies of scale for both our printing partners and you, resulting in reduced costs for your merchandise.

Streamline your process

print on demand keycap

Save time and funds. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for products and suppliers, and managing warehouses on your own. With Goblintechkeys, you can focus on your core business and services as we handle all aspects of  printing, packaging, and shipping, allowing you to save both time and money.

Effortlessly introduce new Keycaps 

print on demand keycap

Say goodbye to prolonged lead times and minimum order quantities. With Goblintechkeys, you can quickly launch new Keycap design and expand into markets without stress, risks, or the need for upfront investments.

Boost customer satisfaction and drive repeat business

Lower the number of returns. By offering premium PBT keycaps and working with top-notch manufacturer, Goblintechkeys ensures that your customers receive the best quality and experience, leading them to repeatedly return to your store to make additional purchases.

So, what are the requirements to join the Sell your keycap program?

We require our artists to create original art or clip art, and we do not tolerate plagiarism or copying of others' work. Our designers will assist you in creating your keycap sets.

What kind of commission can I get?


We are offering a 20% commission on all orders for keyboard and keycap sets designed by you, with payment settled through PayPal.

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