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Can’t review something I don’t have yet lol

Hasn’t shipped and got an email to review


Incredible quality and craftsmanship. I had an image put on mine and it came out beautiful and clear. The sound and feel of the keys is very satisfying and the board itself has a really nice weight to it. Additionally, customer service was very responsive and helpful when I had questions. Couldn’t have been better! Will definitely be purchasing more from this shop in the future and recommending it to others.

A lovely mat~

I had been hunting for a LONG time for a deskmat that had good quality, was nature themed, and wasnt generated by AI. Its ridiculously difficult to find mats that arent AI generated, and was extremely relieved that the staff here told me that it was not! Its beautifully made, no smell, has great color and I'm loving having it on my desk as I play games.

Awesome set

The keys are beautifully printed and the amount of images/logos are balanced for this keycap set. I have a black metal frame so the keys matched the overall look of my existing frame really well which I was hoping for. The typing feel is comfortable, no complaints there. I like thocky sounds so my only note is that the space bar cap sounds more clicky than usual. Overwise really beautiful keys of my fav character.

Great quality; made my custom dreams come true

I had a vision of what I wanted, gave the goblin creators freedom over the design, and they knocked it out of the park!

Beautiful result

The quality of the finish is very good, you can see the love and care when doing it. The packaging is very careful and beautiful. 100% recommended.

Custom keyboard

Its my first custom and i fall in love with this keyboard sounds and work perfect and desing is the best thx for goblintechkeys staf for help in all and make my fantasy real

Pretty good keyboard!

Love that it’s light weight, only downside is the RGB isn’t as bright and prominent than I thought it would be, however that’s my own fault for not researching more on it. My husband and I still love it.

Amazing switches!

Exactly as described, and the bonuses inside the package were super cute!! Thank you so so much!

WEIKAV Sugar65 65% Aluminum Alloy Keyboard Barebone Kit
Great Keyboard

The keyboard arrived in great condition and the extras included with the product were very cute! No problem with keyboard functionality so far and it looks wonderful


The quality of the pictures printed work great on the keycaps, definitely worth the wait

I'm disappointed

i lowered my review because they deleted my last review. but yes the key caps look good quality. but i do not use then because they took my design and did whatever they wanted. which ended up cutting off part of the image. delivery took a few weeks. they sent the caps thrown in a plastic bag. the sticker and the card where messed up like it was just thrown in. this is not what i expect for the money.

Amazing Quality, A+ Purchase

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. Custom keyboard with a halo theme. The designers worked with me every step of the way to make it perfect. Though the shipping took a while, it was worth the wait. The quality of the custom printed keys is perfect. No errors! Also, the keyboard itself is great. Does not feel look or perform like something cheap. Would 100% purchase again.

Haven’t received it yet to write a review very disappointed

Nebula Keycaps
Jessica Olski
Love but was expecting…

A lighter shade of pink. To me the picture doesn’t match what I received. I really love goblintechkeys so I’m not too disappointed. The quality of the keycaps are great! Thanks for the extras! It took 15-20 days to receive my order but it’s worth the wait!

Nice clear alpha, nice feel, looks great

The title really says it all but I will reiterate these keycaps are a nice green color the lighter green is perfect and the alphas are dark and crisp. The darker green isn't too dark, but a nice contrast. They feel nice, seem very sturdy. I also love the brown space bar addition. Sets the Jungle theme perfectly. I'm a fan of brown keycaps, and keyboards (though the keyboards are harder to find vs the keycaps. The color isn't always right but I love this nice addition to the green.) I prefer a XDA profile but this one, a cherry I believe is nice as well. Overall good price, good keycaps. It will make my keyboard look great.


Looks just like the picture. lots of nice designs and creativity. thoughtful packaging. Great gift

Quality issues

I love these key caps, I love the design, but the quality leaves something to be desired. All of the caps shine through, but the light colored ones are the worst. The space bars are all slightly wavy. The green on some of the keys looks like laser jet printing. The legend is a little blurry, and is also distorted and misplaced across many of the keys. They're still perfectly usable though, so I'm still happy to give them 4 stars, and I would recommend them to anyone that doesn't mind what I mentioned, because it's really not THAT bad.

Also for anyone wondering, I'm waiting on a custom walnut 6.5u space bar to complete the kit, it's gonna look amazing!

Great set

(Before starting : on my photos the keyscaps looks beige ... it's my camera/lights, in reality the white is realy clean)
Overall a realy good keycap set, less pricy and more original than an gmk of other brand that concider themselfs "premium".
Tho there are points to notice :
- actualy there are difference between the set and the photo, like the vertical prints are higher ... i mean they cover more the side of the keycap,
(There not a blue line at the bottom of the space bar for ex), witch is better.
- Othe noticable difference is that the "printed lines" are thicker, witch you can realy see on the backspace and other detailed area. In the end that probably suit better my board but the backspace details feels a little bit mushy.

For the point that i would have liked to have :
- probably the fault of neo65's (sh*ty) stabs more than goblinTK : i had problems withs caps that needed stabs, that was very very tight, i'm legit a bit worried the next time i have to take them off.
- there is the possibility to add other langues in subb legend ; could be cool to have the possibility to not have the writting on the [tab;crl;alt;fn;....] the same way you dont write [spacebar] on the spacebar, i know where is my tab but here it is and it cover some of the printing. Or in other cases because of the printing you almost can't even see what it is written (i think about the numpad keys)
- and final note : 5 more "random" keys would have been great because i use an ANSI layout with a bit of twist but here I had to use the "3" and a "menu" insted of shit to cover my twists. Espetialy in a cherry profile where you can't put any key anywhere. (When the xda profiles btw ?)

But even if i could point some negative points overall the set is great, it fits well my board, the shipping what not espectialy long (even during a sale week) ; the package was nice an clean with a little kind goody.
I realy recommend the set and encourage goblinTK to continue doing original sets like this in the future because as a beginner it's the first thing i saw : the lack of original keycap sets.

MMD Cream Switches (Lubed)
Alejandro Cabada

One of the best switches I’ve used by far.

Keroppi Keycaps
Noel Keener
A "Hoppy" Keyboard Experience

🐸 Why I Chose This Keyboard:
Wanted to surprise my wife, a huge Keroppi fan, with something unique. Stumbled upon this custom mechanical keyboard and knew it was a perfect match.

🌟 Design & Aesthetics:
The keycaps are vibrant, cute, and full of character. The green and white color scheme screams 'Keroppi' and adds a playful vibe to the desk.

💪 Build Quality:
This keyboard feels as sturdy as a turtle's shell. The keys are well-crafted, and there's zero wobble.

🖋️ Typing Experience:
Typing on this keyboard is smooth and satisfying. The keys have a comforting click, not too loud, not too soft, just Keroppi-right. They have a smooth activation that doesn't feel too stiff.

💖 Overall Satisfaction:
My wife is over the moon with it. It's turned her workspace into a little Keroppi paradise and made typing more enjoyable

🔚 Conclusion:
In a pond full of keyboards, this Keroppi-themed beauty stands out. It's a delightful blend of fun and function.

Quick and Affordable

Good quality for the price!

Alignment issues

Overall, the print quality is ok, but the alignments on the caps themselves could be improved. I didn't expect everything to line up perfectly, but certain keycaps that should be centered are slightly off, which makes the keyboard messy looking and will definitely make any designer with alignment OCD develop an eye twitch.

That said, it's an easy process in general, and I'd design another set with those alignment tolerances in mind next time.

Cinnamoroll Keycaps | Cute Anime Keycap Sets Keyboard

Cute and silly key caps very clear images and nice feel.