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Love this keycap set!!!!

This is my second keycap set from Goblin Tech and they do not disappoint! My first set was a Whispers of the Heart set which is my favorite anime movie and I was amazed on how good the quality was and the fact they had such a specialty keycap set. So when I saw that they had Hisoka Morow from Hunter x Hunter which is my favorite anime tv series. I knew I had to buy it. The colors are spot on with Hisoka's character, the pictures are crisp along with the legends. The key caps are not thin and feel great when typing, it has a matte finish so my fingers do not slide to the next keys, so there is less accidently key presses when I type. Also there are not misprints or anything off center. As you can see in the pictures. Be aware that the esc key and the F5-F8 are specialty artisan keys that do not come with the set. But I am so glad on how well the keys goes along with my akko keyboard (in case anyone wanted to know I got the keyboard from aliexpress from the official akko store) . I will definitely buy from Goblin Tech again. I am actually think about doing a custom keycap set of spirited away. I just need to figure out the layout. But I would recommend not only this set but any that Goblin Tech makes!

Great Keycaps!

The keycaps are very well made and feel great! I would recommend these to anyone trying to make their keyboard unique because it is made to order.

Great Experience and Great Keycaps

Purchased these keycaps as part of a first custom keyboard for my friend. I initially had a concern about getting the right sized spacebar, but after reaching out I received a timely response and assurance that the right spacebar would be included (and it was). The keycaps arrived sooner than expected and the colors and legending was amazing. My friend was also ecstatic to receive them and they look and sound great on her board!

Excellent work !

I really loved the gojo customised key caps, wanted to tweak the color scheme a little as I preferred a pastel theme and the team have came up with what I liked. Good job and thank you to the team !!!

Pompompurin Keycaps
Oshea Piscopo-Wilson
The perfect keycaps!

I purchased these for my partner who is a HUGE fan of the pudding dog and she absolutely loved these!

Great set!

Looks amazing and feels great!

Amazing set

Love these key caps and can’t wait to get them on my keyboard. They look even better in person and arrived much faster than I would of expected


Right out of the box the quality was obvious, the letter fonts are very crisp and consistent throughout the whole set, the printing was also very well done, all the images line up well and the colors are very nice. I think they look better in person as the colors are quite vibrant, especially the red color of the spacebar. my only complaint would be that the bottom of the key caps were a little rough but a little bit of sand paper fixed that quickly. Overall very happy with the set and would definitely get another set. Highly recommend.

Excellent key caps!

Gifted my BF some gengar keycard for Valentine’s Day and he LOVED them! Great quality, well made, nice crisp sound.

Itachi Keycaps

Took a gamble on these on if I thought they were gonna be nice or not and they are easily the nicest keycaps I’ve ever used out them on my wooting 60he and I could not be happier with this product the detail in each keycap is like nothing I’ve seen before 100/10 definitely recommend!

First-rate product

I highly recommend Goblintechkeys 's custom keycaps to anyone looking to add a touch of personality to their mechanical keyboard. The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch, and the price is more than fair for the value you get. I'm already looking forward to purchasing more keycaps in the future!

Adorable! Pretty Gamer Green Aesthetic

I got this because I am trying to create a froggy/soft green setup. I ordered the bundle and enjoy it much more than my old one! It's a little louder than I thought it'd be but I don't really mind it.

Very pleased with this keyboard!

I wasn't sure what to expect, this was my first time getting a custom keyboard. But this blew my expectations away! Only took a few minutes to throw the caps on and I was ready to type. They feel great, it looks and sounds good, and it's always good to know I can change the switches out if I want to. I will DEFINITELY be getting another one of these in the future!

Keycaps are amazing and look so good on my gmmk pro. Only downside was that some caps didn't fit on the board so had to use others. Overall highly recommend.


Super cute, fits my daughter's GMMK 2 very well. She loves them and you can't go wrong with this company's quality/packaging. I'm not a robot or paid promoter, I just saw that US didn't have many reviews. If you're on the fence, buy them!

Exactly what I was hoping for!

I believe this is a newer company and I couldn't find many reviews before ordering, but i'm glad I did. My daughter got the PomPompurin set, and I got the Gojo set (which is actually a full 108 set despite not having the full pictures).

We're both very satisfied, they look and feel great. This is coming from someone who's bought GMK and other high end brands...

Super cool to get our favorite anime characters on some nice caps. The little notes/stickers in the VERY well done packaging is a nice touch. Even my GMK caps come jumbled up sometimes, but these were boxed very well.

Yay goblingang!

Really great!!

These keys feel very nice! They’re a little shorter than the ones I had on, but they sound good with my switches. The light shines nice through them. Would definitely recommend!

Apex Legend Keycaps | Wraith Keycaps
Cara Garrison
I love them!

I really love my keycaps. I never had custom keycaps and wanted to try out these. I was worried about a sound change but these keycaps didn't affect the sound at all. They are good quality and make my set up just look better. Thank you <3

Beautiful work

These key caps were just incredible and holy moly was shipping fast. I kinda messed up and unfortunately my partners keyboard isn't compatible but he's going to get a new one just so he can use them. He agrees these are awesome and can see the quality. The hand written note was extra nice as well. Thank you!

So Happy!

Seller was super kind and very easy to work with! I'm overall super happy with these keys, I decided to only use the special keys and kept the character keys from a different set and just combined the two. Love how they turned out.

Absolutely adorable

I had bought this as a gift for my baby sister who adores Keroppi for a christmas/birthday gift and it is beyond adorable. She loves it so much and is very happy with it. Keys are really bright and clear and feel good to type with! Highly reccomend!

I love it!

Very cute design and a good quality. I'm satisfied with the purchase!

Loved the quality!

I dont write reviews at all but I was very satisfied with the keycaps I purchased. Loved the quality and it really lived up to the picture will def buy another set again.

Really cute keycaps! But slightly blurry on the printing for the spacebar

Really cute overall, love the theme and great design. However up close the space bar and some of the designs is slightly blurry. From afar you cannot tell though.