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First try at keycaps for a Logitech Pop Keys

Hi. I was able to use most of the keycaps! As planned, the space bar would have required a full customisation and you were nice enough to add some of the macos/windows double signing on the keys you could (again, next time I might go fully custom to remedy this xD)
Love the thoncc.

Great product and great service

The final product looks very professional. The print detail is amazing. Also the customer service was top notch: There was an issue with my print design at first but they contacted me to ask for additional materials to solve it.
Definitely would buy again!

Absolutely perfect

The keycaps are gorgeous and I love them!
I chose with Swedish layout and a few symbols were missing but I got sent replacements right away, no hassle!
I bought a barebone from another website since I wanted ISO layout and they have none in stock here. I emailed the design and sales team about which barebone i planned to use and they made sure the keycaps would fit.

10/10 would recommend.

Absolutely Beautiful!

I used the adobe illustrator template to design my own set and it came out so well! I will say that some of the letters are printed a bit mis-aligned, but overall, I am incredibly impressed. The images printed with perfect accuracy and the keycaps themselves are amazing quality.

Great Switches Horrible unboxing experience

Received the ttc silent switches and it was better than any other silent switched I used. Downside was the packaging was in a carton that doesn’t want to be opened because of too much tape and to my surprise, it only came with some styrofoam and and plain bag with the switches on it. Hence, some of them were bent.

Classic Coffee Themed Keycaps
Jean-Manuel Arrabal
Great quality

Very good overall quality, I spent several weeks to look for an azerty iso layout keycaps set, with pbt, and with some cool wood/coffee theme to pair with my fractal north and wood desk.
I can't tell about durability as I will build the keyboard on august, on a wooting 80he when I receive it, but the touch feeling is good, not so rough as some pbt keys are, but not greasy as abs is. Impression of the text quality is practically perfect and colors ARE perfects. I will tell more when I can place them on a keyboard (current is logitech with non-compatible switches).
Thank you again for the effort of doing this weird french azerty layout !

The Goblins rule!

Goblintechkeys brought my dream to life. Not only did I get the product I wanted, but their communication was great. Truly individualized service and a bespoke product... in a tech industry? It's unheard of. This is what all business should be like. I have already placed my next custom order. Way to go Goblins!!!!!

Best ones!

I have ADHD and sound sensitive so I was researching the heck out of switches. When it came to the Gateron Oil King, the sound on videos was the most pleasing. However i didnt expect it to be the same in real life. They are great and quiet as well as the actual pressing on the switches is very satisfying for me atleast. Im extremely picky and these blew me away. 10/10 would recommend.

Great, dye-sub custom caps - Worth the wait

I had designed a Yuru Camp themed set for my FNK V81 set and had ordered for one set to be printed out. Despite the order taking longer due to the complexity of the design, the designers were always able to give me updates on the status of the order.

Specifically in my order, I was told that the team was going through several iterations of my set to make sure they could match the colors as close as possible to my submitted design. Being able to get transparency on what was being done on the caps made me confident that I was going to get a well-thought-out set. Thankfully, the caps came out the way I wanted them to!

For reference, my order was placed in second-half March 2024 and I received the caps in mid-May the same year, so some patience goes a long way.

A bit of a buyer-beware: do note that your design submissions play a huge part in getting good caps. Use high resolution fonts and images and you're good to go.

Classic Coffee Themed Keycaps

the product that came while a quality product was completely off. the color said black but it looks so far from that. it looks completely blue. and took 3 weeks to get to me after saying it would take 10-15 days. would most likely not purchase from them again.

Toxic Keycaps
Extremely Happy With These Keys!

They look great, feel great, and the assembly went super smooth. I would highly recommend if your keyboard has lighting features. Mine looks great with green shining through these toxic key caps!


Alignment wasn't very great. Some keys were offset. And one key was in the wrong profile.

If you just want detailed graphic, and alignment isnt that important. I'd recommend them. But if you have a print like mine, I would probably not.
Also, all the stabilizer keys stick, spacebar is warped.

YAARG!! (Pirate approved)

Arrived today

I’m working on my rose/pirate themed setup and this was just was I was looking for! They’re absolutely perfect on my Yunzii AL71 keyboard, but the Alt/Ctrl/Print/ and Fn keys don’t fit for this model which is fine cause goblintech sent plenty of extras to replace them with.
They feel soft, sound great, and I’m gonna stick with these for a long time.

Blue Pottery Keycaps
Cole Canfield
Beautiful set

I got this to go with my KBD8X board and i think it turned out awesome

More Responsive and Deeper Sounding Than the "Box Jade"

Being a fan of the Kailh Box Jade, I am very happy with the performance of the White Owl switch as it feels more responsive, thanks to it's return force, than the Jade. While the switch still features a loud click sound, I find it to be a deeper sound than the Jade, but still brighter than the Box Naxy. The design of the switch housing allows for great RGB transmission and the grey/white color looks very clean.

Quality Caps

These feel great. No weird film or out of the ordinary texture when typing. The print looks great, No marks or smudges. Insanely colorful and eye catching. print just pops.

Everything about these just feel solid. Not much else to say other than i do not regret this purchase as of writing this after a week of use.


This keyboard is amazing i put gateron oil kings inside of it and they feel so creamy and thocky at the same time. the only problem is I couldn't figure out how to pair with a mac

Naruto Keycaps | Itachi Uchiha Anime Black Keycaps
Maor Salhov
The perfect 60%

came super fast, super clean and professional , love it !!

Naruto Keycaps | Itachi Uchiha Anime Black Keycaps
xrisis antreou

Just like i wanted the keyboard.. thank you very delivery also

Coffee Keycaps | Brown Keycaps Sets Keyboard
Ben R.
First order. bad experience

The color scheme of the copy I received was completely off and wrong colour.
I contacted the customer service and they agreed to send me another. Waiting for some goods news
I will update my review when the problem will be solved

+ I experimented quality issue like long jets slightly bend.

Pompompurin Keycaps | Cute Keycaps
Sel Hodgson

Super good quality, easy to set up, came with SUPER cute stickers as well. I love it so much I can't recommend more !!


Great quality and tons of options for customization!

Solid keycaps

These keycaps are great sounding, good looking, but just a bit pricey (they used to be like $80). The light green keycaps are not as green as I had hoped, but still pretty good. If you can get them on sale, would recommend!

(Also 10/10 packaging and stickers)

First Custom Set

First set of custom key caps. Great feel and sound, colors are what was advertised. Pricey but quality

worth it

super smooth, definitely worth swapping out the switches. keyboard now types quietly