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Who Be We, You Ask? Goblin's Mischief Makers, of Course!

In a world full of boring, mass-produced keycaps and deskmats, we goblins embrace the mischievous spirit of freedom! Our treasure trove goes way beyond the ordinary, crafting custom keycaps, keyboards, and desk mats just for you. We're all about choice – think layouts like ISO-FR, ISO-QWERTZ, ANSI-QWERTY-KOREAN, or any wild concoction you dream up.

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Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Introducing the "Wobbly Goblin Wireless Charger Dance Mat"

Picture this: Your desk is transformed into a realm of enchantment, where innovation meets goblin-style creativity! Our Custom Wireless Charging RGB Deskmat is here to make your workspace come alive in a way only goblins could imagine.

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Goblin-Whisked Deskmat Delights: Ready for Mischief and Magic!


Tricky Goblin-Crafted Keycaps: Your Whimsical Custom Creations!

Behold, the most mischievously marvelous marvel of crafty goblinry – the Artful Keycaps Concoction! Cooked up with wild imagination by wily goblin artists, these keycaps ain't your ordinary, boring computer knick-knacks. No siree, they're real works of mischievous artistry!

Each of these keycaps is like a mischievous goblin's playground, full of sneaky details that'll make you laugh and gasp in awe. Twisting twirls and mischievous bends twinkle on the surface, creating a cheeky kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. These keycaps are handmade, one by one, so you won't find a single pair that's the same – it's all about that goblin's wild energy and tireless toil! Every stroke of the artist's hand is soaked in passion and cooked to perfection with pure goblin dedication.

Turkish Classic Vintage Keycaps Set | Retro Keycaps - Goblintechkeys

Goblin's Vintage Keycap Magic!

Listen up, fellow adventurers! Feast your eyes on Goblin's Classic Retro Custom Keycaps! It's a journey back in time for your trusty mechanical steed. We've got all the layouts under the sun – from AZERTY to Gothic, and even some mystical ones you've never heard of!

But hold on, there's more to these keycaps than meets the goblin eye! Not only do they give your keyboard an epic vintage makeover, but they also make typing feel like a ticklish troll's hug. Crafted with the precision of a goblin inventor and built tougher than dragon scales, these keycaps are forged from top-notch materials to keep you typing and gaming for ages. Get ready to level up with Goblin's Classic Retro Custom Keycaps!

Snatch Goblin's Time-Warping Treasures!

Goblin's Trove of Timeless Treasures: Classic Retro Keycaps!

Custom Yellow people portrait Mechanical Keyboard - Goblintechkeys

Custom Yellow people Keyboard


In search of an extraordinary present? Express your affection in a delightful and heartfelt manner with a personalized 'Yellow People' keyboard.

Crafted by skilled artists and beautifully printed onto a customized keyboard, this gift is sure to captivate everyone! Our bespoke portrait keyboards have already brought immense joy to over 100 satisfied customers.

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