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French BEPO Classic Vintage Keycaps Set | Retro Keycaps

French BEPO Classic Vintage Keycaps Set | Retro Keycaps

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Introducing our French BEPO Layout Vintage Keycaps Set! This keycaps set is specifically designed for keyboards that follow the Bepo keyboard layout, which is an alternative layout for the French language that aims to optimize typing speed and comfort by rearranging the positions of the keys based on the frequency of letters and the ergonomics of hand movements. With our keycaps, you can easily switch between languages and enjoy a seamless typing experience. Upgrade your keyboard today with our French BEPO layout keycaps, with some personal touches through product customization!

- 【DYE-SUB PBT】Our keycaps are made using dye-sub technologies to ensure the durability and longevity of the printed surface.

-【155 Keys】 Goblintechkeys keycaps comes in 155 keys which crafted to fulfill the needs of most standard mechanical keyboards and covered some series of the gaming keyboards too. This keycaps set includes all necessary multimedia and function keys.

- 【Cherry Profile】Cherry MX mechanical keyboards use the same height profile as our replacement keycap, this is sometimes referred to “OEM” profile. Different rows (R1-R4) on the keyboard have different height and angle slope.

- 【Mac User-Friendly】Not much keycaps out there include Mac keys. Don't worry we got you covered with the option and command keys too!

- 【Universal Compatibility】This keycaps kit comes with an ISO keycaps, as well as variable keycaps to cover various HHKB, 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, tenkeyless and full-size keyboards.

- 【Multiple Shift Keys】We know that different keyboard has different SHIFT keys sizes, so there's an extra 1.0u, 1.75u, 2.0u and 2.25u SHIFT to fits different keyboards. A 1.75u CONTROL and stepped CAPS LOCK keycaps are also included.

-【Full Range of Spacebar】A wide range of SPACEBARS to choose from! 1.75U, 2.0U, 2.25U. 2.75U and 3.0U keys are ready to fit some of the unique layout keyboard! Nevertheless the classic 6.0u, 6.25U and 7.0U SPAEBARS are included too!

Specification :
Cherry keycap profile
Material: PBT
Production Method: Dye-sub
Zero wear & tear printing
Stylish & personalized

Compatible with :
40% keyboard (39-41 keys)
50% keyboard (49-51 keys)
60% keyboard (59-61 keys)
65% keyboard (66-68 keys)
75% keyboard (86-8 keys)
80% keyboard (86-88 keys)
96% keyboard (98-100 keys)
100% keyboard (104-108 keys)

Compatible with most MX switches. e.g. Cherry MX switches and clones including Gateron, Akko, Outemu and etc.

The keycap is ergonomic and feel more comfortable, which can for long time use without fatigue at work or in-game.

High quality! The characters on the keycaps will not fade with long-term use, for years or more!

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