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There are several reasons why someone might choose to use a mechanical keyboard:

coffee theme keyboard from goblintechkeys
- Durability: Mechanical keyboards are built to last longer than traditional membrane keyboards, as the individual switches can withstand more wear and tear.
- Keycap customizability: Mechanical keyboards allow for the customization of keycaps, especially goblintechkeys, we offer full keycap customization, can have your favourite image printed on it.
- Switches customizability: Many mechanical keyboards allow for the switches to be replaced with different types, which can affect the feel and sound of the keyboard. Tactile switches provide a tactile feedback when the key is pressed, which can make typing more satisfying and can help users to type more accurately.
- Key Rollover: Mechanical keyboards can register multiple key presses at once, which can be useful for gaming or typing at high speeds.
- Aesthetics: Some people prefer the look and feel of a mechanical keyboard over a traditional keyboard.
- Ergonomics: Mechanical keyboards are often preferred by people who spend a lot of time typing, as they can reduce strain on the fingers and wrists.
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