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Design Game Character Custom Keycaps at GoblinTechKeys

custom keycap set

In this article, we'll show you how to design mechanical keyboard custom keycap set of your favorite gaming characters at goblintechkeys

What is Custom Keycap Set?

custom keycap set

With custom PBT keycaps, users can personalize the look of their keyboard by choosing keycap sets with favorite game characters, amine characters, unique colors, designs, and legends. These custom keycaps can also improve the overall typing experience by reducing the wear and tear that occurs with everyday use.

How can I design a custom keycap set of my favorite gaming characters?

Step 1: Visit the custom keycap set pages at goblintechkeys. Choose the size and ANSI/ISO layout for your mechanical keyboard. And click the 'Customize' button.

goblintechkeys custom keycap

Step 2: Upload the background for your keycap set and adjust the font color to enhance the contrast of the legends.

custom keycap background

Step 3: Upload your favorite gaming characters to the keycap design tool, and move and resize them to the desired position for printing. You can leave a note to remove any legends that overlap with the characters above, our keycap goblin will remove it prior to sending it for printing.

game character keycap designer

Step 4: After completing the design, proceed to checkout and make payment. Your customized gaming keycap set will soon arrive at your doorstep.

custom gaming keycap designer


Having a custom keycap set featuring your favorite gaming characters can be a fun and rewarding experience for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to personalize your keyboard, making it unique to you and reflective of your interests. Secondly, it enhances the overall typing and gaming experience by providing a high-quality and durable typing surface. Additionally, the custom keycap set serves as a conversation starter and can bring a sense of joy every time you use your keyboard. Ultimately, owning a custom keycap set of your favorite gaming characters is a fun and practical way to express your passion for gaming and add a touch of personality to your keyboard.



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