Bulk Order Custom Mechanical Keyboard Switches for Corporate

Custom Switches

bulk custom switches

Are you searching for the ideal switches to bring your keyboard project to life? Look no further! Our Custom Switches allow you to design the perfect switches with the features that matter most to you. With a minimum order quantity of 50,000 pieces, you can turn your keyboard dreams into reality, whether you're an individual enthusiast or a business looking to create a unique keyboard experience.

bulk custom switches

Key Features:

  1. Switch Mechanism Customization: Tailor your keyboard's feel to perfection by choosing from a range of mechanisms, including linear, tactile, clicky, and optic mechanisms. 

bulk order custom switches

  1. Color Customization: Make your switches uniquely yours by selecting the colors for both the top housing and bottom housing. Match your keyboard to your personal style or brand identity effortlessly.

  2. Actuation Force: Fine-tune the keypress resistance to suit your typing or gaming style. 

  3. Actuation Distance: Customize the actuation distance to achieve the perfect balance between responsiveness and avoiding accidental key presses.

  4. Logo Casting: Add a personal touch to your switches with custom logo casting. Showcase your brand or unique design on your switches.

bulk custom switches

Bulk Order Flexibility: With a minimum order quantity of 50,000 pieces, we're ready to accommodate your needs, whether you're an individual enthusiast bringing your vision to life or a business looking to create custom keyboards in larger quantities.

bulk custom switches

No matter if you're a keyboard enthusiast, a company seeking branded keyboards, or an individual looking for the ultimate typing experience, our Custom Switches are the ideal solution. Craft a keyboard that meets your exact requirements, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

bulk custom switches

Don't compromise on the quality of your keyboard switches. Contact us at sales@goblintechkeys.com today to discuss your bulk order requirements and embark on the journey to creating a keyboard that is uniquely yours. Elevate your typing and gaming experience with custom switches that deliver the precision and feel you desire.