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Let's explore why keyboard layouts are not designed in sequential order.

The first typewriter, invented by Christopher Sholes in the 1860s, used a keyboard layout that was arranged in a single row in alphabetical order, starting with the letter A on the far left and ending with the letter Z on the far right. However, this layout caused problems because the keys would often jam when two adjacent keys were pressed in quick succession. This was because the mechanical arms of the typewriter would collide with each other, causing the keys to get stuck.

To solve this problem, Sholes began experimenting with different keyboard layouts. He eventually settled on the QWERTY layout, which he patented in 1878. The QWERTY layout arranged the letters in a non-sequential order, with the most frequently used letters spaced out across the keyboard to prevent jamming. For example, the letters E, T, A, and O are placed in the middle row, which is the easiest row for the fingers to reach.

Colemak layout from Goblintechkeys

Despite its efficiency, the QWERTY layout has been criticized for being less ergonomic than alternative layouts, such as the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard and the Colemak Keyboard. These layouts are designed to be more efficient and ergonomic by placing the most frequently used letters in the home row, which is the row where the fingers rest. However, the QWERTY layout has remained the standard for typewriters and computer keyboards because it is the most widely recognized and familiar layout for users.

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