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When it comes to computer keyboards, there are a variety of options available, from traditional membrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards. However, there is a third type of keyboard that is gaining popularity in recent years - the barebone keyboard. In this article, we will explore what a barebone keyboard is, how it differs from other keyboard types, and its benefits.

custom barebone keyboard custom keycaps
Close Up Look of Barebone Kit
custom barebone keyboard custom keycaps
Barebone Kit with Switches and Some Keycaps Attached On

What is a Barebone Keyboard?

A barebone keyboard, also known as a DIY keyboard or a Custom Keyboard, is a keyboard that is sold as a kit of separate components, rather than as a fully assembled product. Typically, these kits include a PCB (printed circuit board), switches, keycaps, and other necessary components. The user must assemble the keyboard themselves, either by soldering the switches to the PCB or by using hot-swappable sockets that allow the switches to be easily swapped in and out.

custom barebone keyboard custom keycaps

How Does a Barebone Keyboard Differ From Other Keyboard Types?

The main difference between a barebone keyboard and other keyboard types is the level of customization it offers. With a traditional keyboard, the user is limited to the switches, keycaps, and layout that are provided by the manufacturer. However, with a barebone keyboard, the user has complete control over the components they choose to use, allowing for a completely personalized typing experience.

Another key difference is the build quality. Barebone keyboards are typically built to a higher standard than mass-produced keyboards, as they are assembled by hand and often use higher-quality components. This results in a more durable and reliable keyboard that can last for years.

custom barebone keyboard custom keycaps
Comparison Between Traditional Keyboard and Barebone Keyboard

Benefits of a Barebone Keyboard

One of the main benefits of a barebone keyboard is the customization it offers. By choosing the switches, keycaps, and layout that best suit their needs, users can create a typing experience that is tailored to their preferences. This can improve typing speed, accuracy, overall comfort and customized keycap designs.

In addition, barebone keyboards are often more durable and reliable than mass-produced keyboards, as they are built with higher-quality components and assembled by hand. This means that users can expect their keyboard to last for years, even with heavy daily use.

Finally, for those who enjoy the process of building and customizing their own equipment, a barebone keyboard can be a fun and rewarding project. It allows users to learn more about the inner workings of a keyboard and gain a greater appreciation for the technology they use every day.

custom barebone keyboard custom keycaps

Keycaps Installing In Progress

custom barebone keyboard custom keycaps

A Complete Set of Barebone Keyboard with Custom Keycaps


In conclusion, a barebone keyboard is a customizable, durable, and rewarding alternative to traditional mass-produced keyboards. By assembling the keyboard themselves, users can create a typing experience that is tailored to their preferences, while also learning more about the technology they use every day. If you are in the market for a new keyboard and are looking for something unique and personalized, a barebone keyboard may be just what you need.

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