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At Goblintechkeys, we believe that your keyboard should be an extension of your personality – a canvas for your creativity. In our quest to provide unique and visually stunning keyboards, we embarked on a journey to design the GMK67 Keyboard with a mesmerizing polygonal art style rainbow gradient. Let's take a closer look at the step-by-step process that brought this vibrant creation to life.

Rainbow keyboard

Step 1: Crafting the Canvas The first step in the design process involved imagining a background that would set the tone for the entire keyboard. Seeking inspiration from the vibrant hues of a rainbow, we set out to create a polygonal art style with a gradient effect. Utilizing the prompt "rainbow polygonal gradient background --ar 3:1," we crafted a visually striking and dynamic backdrop.

midjourney rainbow polygonal image

To elevate the design, the background was then meticulously upscaled to ensure every detail would shine when printed on the keyboard.

create custom gmk67 keyboard

Step 2: Navigating Goblintechkeys' create custom GMK keyboard With the awe-inspiring background ready. We experimented with different keyboard casings to find the perfect match. After careful consideration, we settled on a sleek white casing that beautifully complemented the vibrant rainbow gradient.

Step 3: Bringing the Vision to Reality Once satisfied with the design and casing combination, it was time to bring our creation to life. The next step involved submitting the order to Goblintechkeys. This straightforward process ensured that every detail, from the polygonal art style to the choice of casing, would be meticulously translated into the final product.

Here's the outcome!

 rainbow keyboard

rainbow keyboard


rainbow keyboard

Conclusion: The GMK67 Keyboard with its polygonal art style rainbow gradient is a testament to Goblintechkeys' commitment to pushing the boundaries of keyboard design. By envisioning a unique background, navigating the intuitive platform, and finalizing the order, we were able to transform our imagination into a tangible and visually stunning reality. This keyboard stands as a symbol of self-expression, allowing users to carry a piece of art with them in their daily endeavors. Goblintechkeys continues to redefine the keyboard landscape, encouraging individuals to embrace creativity and make a statement with their personal devices.

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