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The GMK67 - Best Budget 65% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit Under $70

Searching for an affordable 65% custom mechanical keyboard to build your first custom keyboard? Look no further than the GMK67, an impressive budget keyboard kit that starts at just $70.

Unboxing and Overview

The GMK67 comes in a simple box with some accessories like a keycap puller, switch puller, USB-C cable and user manual. The keyboard itself has an aluminum top case available in different color options like white, black, blue, etc. The minimalist design features a rotary knob in the top right corner and adjustable rubber feet on the bottom for typing angle preference.

The PCB is hotswap compatible with support for both 3 and 5 pin switches. It uses South facing switch orientation for optimal compatibility with Cherry profile keycaps. The RGB lighting, while dampened slightly by the switch housings, is vibrant and fully customizable.

Modding Potential

One of the best parts about the GMK67 is its modding potential, especially at this price point. It's easy to open up the case and access the included foam mods - poron switch pads, plate foam, and case foam. These help reduce any hollowness or pinging on the budget plastic case. The plate mounted stabilizers also come pre-lubed from factory.

The keyboard uses a flexible polycarbonate plate which allows for some bounce while typing. Underneath, the hotswap PCB utilizes Kailh sockets for easy switch swapping. The daughterboard houses the rotary encoder. For just $70, you get a lot of customization options.

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Build Impressions

The build quality punches far above its weight class. With lubed Durock stabilizers, JWK Nylon Black linear switches, and some PBT keycaps, the keyboard looks and feels much more premium than the price suggests. The nylon switch housings mute the RGB lighting slightly but the underglow still shines through for a clean, modern aesthetic.

Most importantly, the typing experience is fantastic. The foam mods help reduce any hollowness while the gasket mount provides a bouncy, flex feel. Overall the GMK67 provides an amazing value custom keyboard kit for those on a budget or looking to try modding and customizing their first mechanical keyboard build.

Sound Test

The most important aspect of any mechanical keyboard is the sound and feel when typing. The GMK67 delivers an extremely satisfying typing experience, especially for a budget board. The combination of the polycarbonate plate, foam mods, and gasket mount system results in a deep, muted sound signature without any high-pitched pinging or hollowness.

The JWK linear switches provide a smooth, consistent feel on each keypress. Compared to cheap budget keyboards, the GMK67 sounds and feels significantly more premium and customizable. The sound is much fuller and deeper than expected at this low price point.

Final Thoughts

The GMK67 keyboard kit punches far above its weight class delivering premium features like hotswap PCB, rotary knob, foam mods, and gasket mount - all for under $50. The plastic case is sturdy and available in multiple color options to suit different aesthetics. For the price, there are very few negatives for this keyboard.

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