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The Process of Creating Custom Keycaps at Goblintechkeys

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As technology continues to advance and become an integral part of our daily lives, the way we interact with our devices has also changed. One aspect of this interaction is the keyboard. Keyboards have evolved from basic input devices to intricate and customizable peripherals. One important aspect of this customization is the keycaps. Keycaps are the removable plastic covers that fit over the switches of a keyboard. They can be made of various materials such as ABS plastic, PBT plastic, or even metal.

What are PBT Keycaps?

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a type of thermoplastic that is commonly used in the manufacture of keycaps. It is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it an ideal material for keycaps. Unlike ABS plastic keycaps, which tend to become shiny and develop a grainy texture over time, PBT keycaps are more resistant to these issues and maintain their texture and appearance even after extended use.

Why Use Custom PBT Keycaps?

Custom PBT keycaps offer a range of benefits to users. Firstly, they allow users to personalize their keyboard to match their style and taste. This can range from simple color changes to intricate designs and legends. Secondly, custom keycaps offer improved durability, which is especially important for users who use their keyboards heavily. Thirdly, custom keycaps can improve typing experience by providing a more comfortable feel, better grip, and improved sound quality.

Our Process of Producing Custom PBT Keycaps

Our process of producing custom PBT keycaps involves several stages, each of which is critical to the final product.

Step 1: Design and Concept

custom keycap design

The first stage of our process is the design and concept stage. This is where we work with our customers to understand their needs and preferences and create a custom design that meets their requirements. Our team of designers will create a mockup of the keycap design, which is then sent to the customer for review and approval.

Step 2: Print the design onto a dye sublimation sheet

custom keycap dye sublimation

Once the design is approved, it will be sent to our dye sublimation printer for printing. Printing the design onto a dye sublimation sheet is a crucial step in the production of custom keycaps. This process involves using a specialized printer to transfer the design onto a transfer paper using sublimation ink. The transfer paper, with the design printed onto it, is then placed onto the blank keycap in the dye sublimation machine.

Step 3: Placing the blank keycaps on the dye sublimation machine

custom keycap printing

Placing the blank keycaps onto the dye sublimation machine is an important step in the custom keycap production process. This machine uses heat and pressure to transfer the design from the transfer paper onto the surface of the keycap. To ensure a successful transfer, it's important to properly position the blank keycap onto the machine, taking into consideration factors such as size and shape. Once the blank keycap is securely in place, the machine can be activated to start the transfer process. The end result is a vibrant and long-lasting custom keycap.

Step 4: Packaging and Shipping

custom keycap packing

Packing custom keycaps is an important step in ensuring their safe and secure delivery to the customer. This process involves carefully placing each keycap into a protective container, such as a plastic keycap holder and high quality keycap box, to prevent damage during transportation. Once packed, the custom keycaps can be shipped to the customer, ensuring they receive their product in the same condition it was in when it left the manufacturer. Proper packing of custom keycaps helps to maintain their quality and ensure customer satisfaction.


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Custom PBT keycaps offer users a range of benefits, including personalization, improved durability, and enhanced typing experience. Our process of producing custom PBT keycaps involves several critical stages, each of which is designed to ensure that we produce the highest quality keycaps possible. Whether you are looking to enhance your keyboard or simply add a personal touch, our custom PBT keycaps are the perfect solution. From the design and concept stage, to printing, dye sublimation, quality control, and finally packaging and shipping, we take great care to ensure that every keycap we produce meets our high standards for quality and performance. So why wait? Order your custom PBT keycaps today and experience the difference for yourself!

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