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GMK67 Keyboard | A Complete Guide 

The 65% keyboards have taken the keyboard market by storm. These keyboards are compact portable, and wrap all essential keys, maintaining high functionality. One such 65% keyboard that has earned widespread popularity is the latest GMK67 keyboard. The GMK67 keyboard stands out with its ergonomic design, offering versatility and extensive customization options. Its aesthetics reach new heights thanks to vibrant RGB backlighting and sleek ninja keycaps, making it a stylish and functional choice.

Let's discuss more about this latest GMK67 keyboard and how it revolutionizes your gaming and working experience!

Key Features of GMK67 Keyboard

The exciting key features of the Custom GMK67 Mechanical Keyboard are given as:

Customizable Ninja Shine Through Keycaps

The GMK67 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard stands out with its Customizable Ninja Shine Through Keycaps. These keycaps not only contribute to a distinct visual aesthetic but also offer practical functionality. The "shine through" design allows the backlighting to illuminate each key uniquely. Hence, it provides a customizable and visually appealing typing experience.

65% Mechanical Keyboard

The GMK67 keyboard features a 65% Mechanical Keyboard layout, promoting efficiency and space optimization. The compact design retains essential keys while eliminating excess. All in all, the GMK67 65% keyboard has the ideal balance of size and functionality and perfectly caters to the needs of people who prefer a minimalistic and efficient typing experience.

GMK67 keyboard water

Durable Aluminum and Plastic Construction

Looking for something durable? Give this GMK67 a shot! Boasting a blend of aluminum and plastic, it enhances the keyboard's structural integrity and also contributes to a premium feel. 

In addition, there's a 1.8 anti-interference cable, which further highlights the keyboard's reliability. It provides a stable data transmission, getting the attention of gamers worldwide.

Hot-swappable 5-pin

Another feature of the GMK67 keyboard is its hot-swappable 5-pin capability that takes customization to a whole new level. It lets you replace mechanical switches effortlessly without requiring soldering skills. This means with this keyboard, you can experiment with different switch types‚ÄĒwhether tactile, clicky, or linear‚ÄĒpersonalizing the keyboard's feel to individual preferences.¬†

Tri-Mode Connectivity (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, Type C Wired)

If you love to explore flexible and versatile connectivity keyboards, the GMK67 is definitely going to please you. The GMK67 Keyboard introduces Tri Mode connectivity - Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and Type C Wired options. 

This multi-mode functionality ensures flexibility in connecting various devices, catering to various user preferences. Do you prefer the convenience of wireless connectivity or the stability of a wired connection? The GMK67 adapts seamlessly to your needs.

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MAC and Windows Compatibility

Tired of dealing with incompatible keyboards? The GMK67 is your solution. It integrates with MAC and Windows systems, offering a versatile solution for users on different platforms. This means you can easily switch to a Mac from a Windows layout without worrying about gaming or work interruption.

Poron Gasket Structure

Contrary to conventional tray mount keyboards in the market, the GMK67 keyboard uses a Poron gasket mount. This provides a cushioning effect, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable typing experience. 

Why Choose the GMK67 Keyboard?

The following are the benefits that highlight why you should choose a GMK67 65% keyboard:

Ergonomics: Minimize Hand Fatigue for Prolonged Comfort

GMK67 keyboard peach

The GMK67 65% keyboard is all about providing comfort with thoughtful ergonomics. Featuring a wrist rest and a scientific stair-up keycap design, it keeps your arms in their most natural state. This minimizes hand fatigue during extended use. 

In addition, there's a non-slip design, enhanced by four rubber padding underneath the keyboard. Hence, it ensures stability, making it an ideal choice for users who value comfort during prolonged typing sessions.

Portable: Small Size for On-the-Go Convenience 

The GMK67's 65% compact layout is the key to its portability. The 65% structure eliminates excess keys while retaining essential functionality. This allows the keyboard to achieve a streamlined size that is easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go usage. So, if you're commuting, traveling, or simply need a compact solution for your workspace, the GMK67 ensures a portable and efficient typing experience without sacrificing usability.

Space-Saving Design

Space efficiency is at the forefront of the GMK67 keyboard. Its compact layout eliminates excess keys while retaining essential functionality, optimizing your workspace for increased efficiency. So say goodbye to unnecessary bulk and welcome a clutter-free environment that maximizes desk space without compromising performance.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Style Meets Functionality

The GMK67 is unmatchable when it comes to aesthetics. An RGB backlighting enhances the visual appeal of your keyboard and overall setup. In addition, the customizable Ninja Shine Through Keycaps that make every key shine uniquely bring elegance and efficiency to your typing experience.

Durability: Built to Last 

The GMK67 keyboard is also very durable. It's made of plastic and aluminum, providing the keyboard with the desired structural integrity. This allows it to withstand the challenges of daily use, making it a reliable companion for extended typing sessions and intense gaming marathons.

Customization: A Personalized Typing Experience 

No keyboard can beat the customization potential of the GMK67 keyboard at this minimal price tag. Its foam and mounting system are not fixed components. This means you can fully dismantle and swap out them, opening up a world of possibilities for users seeking a personalized touch. 

But that's not all - you can experiment with various acoustic profiles, including poron stacks, polyfill stuffing, foam adjustments, and tape mods. This budget keyboard allows you to fine-tune the sound and feel of each keystroke, creating a keyboard experience that perfectly matches your preferences.


The GMK67 keyboard is a 65% keyboard that features innovation, comfort, and customization. It has various features - from the ergonomic design to minimize hand fatigue to the portable and space-saving layout. The durability of this keyboard is also top-notch, with aluminum and plastic being the core construction material. 

The Hot-swap feature adds a layer of personalization, allowing users to test an array of switches and find the perfect match for their typing preferences. If you want to get your hands on this fantastic and budget-friendly keyboard, contact Globlin Techkeys now! We have a wide range of keyboards packing exceptional features ready to take your gaming and working experience to the next level.

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