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Gateron vs Cherry Switches | Which One to Choose?

In the mechanical keyboard market, the question of Gateron vs Cherry switches comes up regularly. Particular enthusiasts prefer cherry because of the company's reputation for quality and creativity. Other consumers prefer Gateron as an industry upstart offering smoother and better-performing switches. 

So, Gateron vs Cherry switches, which one should you choose?

Selecting between these two brands may be somewhat confusing if you are new to the world of mechanical switches. Keeping that in mind, we'll assist you in examining every factor of Gateron vs Cherry switches. After that, you'll comprehend each kind and its variations more fully.

Gateron vs Cherry Switches: General Impression

Making a user-friendly, seamless fundamental transition is a top priority for Gateron. As a result, there is less resistance or scratching as the keys move.

On the other hand, Cherry switches will exhibit noticeable scratchiness when first used. While some consumers reported that the scratching goes away after using the product, some unhappy users find it difficult to get used to the scratchy sensation.

Because Gateron's linear switches seem smoother than Cherry's, it ultimately wins in terms of overall feel.

Gateron Switches

Gateron vs Cherry Switches: Variations 

Gateron leads when considering many possible switch alternatives. They have the whole Gateron Ink series, extra quiet switch variants, and switches with a smooth casing for improved LED light dispersion. Using a particular kind of plastic, the Gateron Ink switches have a distinctive design that focuses on creating a smoother keystroke.

Cherry may be a decent choice if you require a fast switch for gaming because they provide their speed switch, something Gateron does not. In the end, it boils down to what your arrangement requires and which switch alternatives meet those requirements.

In this comparison, Gateron wins the variety category solely based on the quantity of switches available.

Gateron Switches vs Cherry Switches: Clicky Feel

Cherry has a lower actuation point but feels more constant than Gaterons, which activate somewhat higher up and are lighter and more natural to operate. In terms of overall feel, using Gateron switches is more effortless and natural than using Cherry ones. Because of the smoother typing, Gateron creates less noise than Cherry due to less friction.

Looking at the two switch stems, you can see that Cherry tightens the stem fit, giving its consumers a firmer feeling. Furthermore, the bottom of the Cherry switch housing is more sturdy, which reduces wobbling and gives you a sense of security and solidity while using Cherry switches.

cherry switches

Gateron Switches vs Cherry switches: Lifespan

Cherry switches are designed to last twice as long as Gateron switches. Cherry switches have a 100 million keystroke endurance limit before they deviate from original specifications. The switch can continue to function normally once the limit is reached, but it will no longer follow the ideal force curve. Instead, the switch will feel slightly different, but some keyboard fans prefer the worn-in feel over stock since they find it immensely fun to use.

Even with a 50 million keystroke rating, Gateron switches are still relatively high. A Gateron switch will serve you well for a long time because mechanical switches are often quite robust. Simply put, they need to meet Cherry's quality requirements.

In the debate of Gateron vs cherry switches, Cherry beats Gateron in terms of quality.

Cherry vs Gateron Switches: Sound

In Gateron vs Cherry switches, Gateron switches are smoother and less scratchy than Cherry switches. They produce a bit less noise. Because of the smoother typing, there is less rubbing and friction, which lowers noise levels.

As a result, when it comes to sound, Gateron switches tend to be quieter than Cherry switches overall, while Cherry switches could be louder in some switch color variations. Cherry would win out if you enjoyed the clicking sound.

Gateron vs Cherry switches: Easily Available

Cherry switches are by far the most popular switch type because of their extended history. They are readily available on both high-end and mid-range keyboards. On the other hand, fewer Gateron switches are present. Cherry still has fewer possibilities, even though Gateron switches are being sold in increasing locations. All things considered, finding keyboards with Cherry switches is significantly easier because most popular brands utilize them.

Gateron vs Cherry Switches: Cost-Effective

For many keyboard admirers, pricing is the most essential factor in deciding between Cherry vs. Gateron switches. In the aftermarket, typical Gateron switches are often less expensive than Cherry ones. Both brands feature some extremely sought-after antique or limited edition switches that may be very pricey for collectors; neither brand is thought to be a cheap switch.

Color Combinations of Both 

Cherry Red vs Gateron Red Switches

Linear switches, or red switches, have a traditional appearance. Both Gateron red and Cherry red have the same travel, actuation force, and unique feel. Although they are more pleasant to use, Gateron red feels lighter and smoother overall than Cherry red. Though it's a tiny distinction, some may find Cherry reds to be scratchier than Gateron reds. 

Cherry Blue vs Gateron Blue

Blue switches are clicky switches. For people who enjoy the clicky response, the blue switches would be quite hit. Because of their lower actuation force, Gateron keycaps require less pressure to push than Cherry keycaps. In contrast, Gateron blues seem sharper and louder, while Cherry blues appear softer and more substantial. Therefore, Cherry blue switches are the better option if you operate in a setting where focus is required.

Cherry Brown vs Gateron Brown

Due to its tactile keystroke, brown switches are a popular option among admirers of mechanical keyboards. Cherry brown switches require a slight amount of pressure to activate the keystroke, much like blue switches do. Furthermore, Cherry Browns have a slightly higher sound level than Gateron Browns. In addition, Cherry Browns have an excellent tactile bump that is the least shaky and feels nice and substantial.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the comparison of Gateron vs. Cherry switches, individual preference will determine which Cherry or Gateron switches you choose. Before making a purchase, we advise testing out both switch types. Goblin Techkeys has a vast array of switches and keyboards available for sale. Look into it according to your needs and make purchases appropriately.
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