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The world of mechanical keyboards offers endless customizability to match your personal preferences. Choosing a keycap profile is a great way to enhance the feel and sound of your keyboard. Let’s take a look at the differences between some of the most popular keycap profiles to help you decide which one is right for you.

Top 5 Popular Keycap Profiles

SA, DSA, OEM, Cherry, and XDA are the five most popular keycap profiles in the mechanical keyboard community, each with its unique advantages. SA is a tall, sculpted profile that produces a “thock” sound. On the other hand, DSA is a very short uniform profile that mimics a low-profile design. OEM, the standard size and shape for most keycaps, is sculpted, while Cherry is a short sculpted profile with an aggressive angle for easy typing. XDA, a short uniform profile, is a little taller than DSA.

These profiles vary in height, sound, and feel. Some are more bassy, like the lower profiles, while others provide a nice “thocc” sound, like SA. Cherry and OEM profiles are the most common options, offering a middle ground for height. OEM keycaps are often included in pre-built keyboards, but these five options are all popular choices for custom keycaps.

Comparison of Different Keycap Profile : SA, DSA, OEM, Cherry, and XDA custom keycap

Cherry Profile

Cherry profile keycaps are among the most popular for aftermarket use. They are sculpted, making them vary between rows and more comfortable to use than uniform keycaps. They are slightly shorter than OEM keycaps, but usually more expensive unless you are buying from a company that uses genuine tooling. They produce a bassy sound due to the lack of room within the keycap for sound to bounce around. Cherry profile keycaps are excellent for both gaming and typing.

Comparison of Different Keycap Profile : SA, DSA, OEM, Cherry, and XDA custom keycap

SA Profile

SA profile keycaps are the tallest, sculpted, and produce a “thocc” sound, which many enthusiasts love. They have a more vintage look that some users appreciate. However, they may be difficult to get used to, especially if you are coming from a low-profile keyboard. They may not be the best option for gaming, but they are a good choice for typing.

DSA Keycap Profile

DSA keycaps are uniform and low-profile, making them easy to get used to. They have a consistent height and look between rows and produce a low-pitched sound due to the lack of room within the caps. They are popular for their aesthetics, and the uniformity of the keycaps makes it easy to find the desired key.

XDA Keycap Profile

XDA keycaps are also low-profile and uniform, with a great look that many enthusiasts love. They are easy to get used to, and the sound is similar to Cherry profile keycaps, just a bit lower in pitch. They are a solid option for both gaming and typing, although the uniform nature of XDA may make it harder for gamers to find the desired keycap.

Comparison of Different Keycap Profile : SA, DSA, OEM, Cherry, and XDA custom keycap

OEM Keycap Profile

OEM keycaps are sculpted, conforming to the fingers for more comfortable typing and gaming. They are the most popular profile, coming on the majority of pre-built keyboards, and are the cheapest option. They produce a sound similar to Cherry profile keycaps, but the sound quality varies based on the material, thickness, and keyboard.


In summary, each keycap profile has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which profile to use ultimately depends on your personal preference, typing style, and gaming needs.

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