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Comparing and Reviewing Every Akko Switch

Akko switches have become increasingly popular in the mechanical keyboard community for their affordable price and high quality. This article will summarize and compare all of the most popular Akko linear and tactile switches to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Overview of Akko Switches

Akko switches come in both linear and tactile varieties. The linear switches have no bump when pressed, while the tactiles have a noticeable bump you can feel. Here are some of the most popular Akko switches:

  • Jelly Blacks - Heavy linear at 50g, extremely thocky and smooth
  • Silver Switches - Light linear at 43g, perfect for gaming with fast actuation
  • Lavender Purples - Medium tactile at 50g, great balanced tactility
  • Jelly Pinks - Smooth linear at 45g, insanely smooth even without lube
  • Jelly Blues - Heavy tactile at 60g, unique sound unlike other tactiles
  • Vintage Whites - Light linear at 35g, produces a loud poppy sound

Most Akko switches use long springs and have polycarbonate housings, making them smoother and deeper sounding. When lubed, Akko switches become exceptionally smooth and thocky.

Best Akko Switches for Different Uses

Jelly Blacks - Best Overall Linear

The Jelly Blacks have a deep, thocky sound perfect for those who want a premium linear switch. Their 50g operating force offers stiffness without fatigue. For typists wanting a smooth, premium linear switch, the Jelly Blacks are hard to beat.

Silver Switches - Best for Gaming

With their light 43g operating force and short 1mm pre-travel distance, the Akko Silver switches are designed for gaming. Their fast actuation allows for quick key presses, while their thocky sound provides a satisfying note with each keystroke. Gamers will appreciate their responsiveness.

Lavender Purples - Best Tactile Switch

The Lavender Purples offer a balanced tactile bump right at 50g of force. This provides excellent feedback for typists. Their deep sound and smoothness after lubing make them a joy to type on. For an affordable switch with great tactile feel, the Lavender Purples switches are a top choice.

Jelly Pinks - Smoothest Linear

The Jelly Pink linear switches stand out for their incredible smoothness, even without lubing. Their 45g operating force provides a light keypress. For those wanting a super smooth linear right out of the box, the Jelly Pinks deliver. Lubing makes them even smoother.

Jelly Blues - Most Unique Sound

Of all Akko tactile switches, the Akko Jelly Blues have the most unique sound profile. They produce a muted, deep tone unlike any other tactile switch. With their early tactile bump and 60g operating force, the Jelly Blues offer a truly distinctive typing experience.

Vintage Whites - Poppiest Sound

The Vintage Whites produce an extremely poppy, bright sound no matter what keyboard you install them in. With their 35g weight and 4mm travel, they are on the lighter, louder end of Akko switches. For those wanting maximum pop with their keypresses, the Vintage Whites deliver.


With their focus on smoothness, sound, and affordability, Akko switches make an excellent option for custom mechanical keyboards. Their variety of tactility, sound profiles, and weights allows you to dial in the exact feel you want. If you lubricate them, Akko switches achieve premium quality at a budget price point.

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