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Awekeys - Experience the Unique Sound and Feel of  Full Metal Keycaps

Mechanical keyboards have exploded in popularity in recent years, with enthusiasts loving their superior typing feel and ability to customize. Keycaps are one of the most popular ways to customize a mechanical keyboard, with materials like ABS and PBT plastic being common. However, metal keycaps offer a whole new level of premium feel and acoustics. Awekeys is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their Full Metal Keycap Set that promises to deliver a uniquely thocky and rich sound.

Overview of the Awekeys Full Metal Keycap Set

The Awekeys Full Metal Keycap set is made of recycled metal which gives it some impressive characteristics compared to traditional plastic keycaps. The metal construction makes them feel extremely premium, solid, and durable. But the most interesting aspect is how the material affects the sound signature of a mechanical keyboard.

When swapped onto a keyboard with lubed linear switches, the keycaps immediately made the keyboard sound deeper and "thockier." The metal adds a richer resonance that plastic keycaps can't replicate.

CNC Machined Metal Keycaps

The keycaps are CNC machined rather than injection molded, resulting in very clean, crisp legends. And the color options look stunning with the metal material. Awekeys will offer the keycaps in colors like burgundy red, royal blue, emerald green, lavender, and more. There are even special editions plated in real metals like gold, silver, and titanium for the ultimate luxury feel.

Overall, the Awekeys metal keycaps provide a unique look, sound, and feel that keycap enthusiasts will appreciate. The exceptional build quality and customization options check all the right boxes if you're looking to mod your mechanical keyboard.

How do Metal Keycaps Change the Typing Experience?

Metal keycaps have very different physical properties compared to plastic ABS and PBT keycaps. The higher density of metal means each keycap has a much heftier feel when pressed. The weight also lends a satisfying momentum and inertia to the keystrokes.

The acoustic properties of metal also alter the sound signature substantially. When bottoming out, the keycaps produce a deeper, richer tone. There is also more of a ringing resonance that lasts slightly longer than plastic. The overall effect is an amplification of the coveted "thock" sound that mechanical keyboard fans love.

Comparing the Awekeys metal keycaps directly against high-quality PBT keycaps on the same keyboard. The difference is immediately apparent, with the metal keycaps making the keyboard sound deeper and fuller. It's a unique sound profile that injects some excitement into the conventional tapping and clacking of mechanical switches.

Changing keycaps is one of the simplest keyboard mods, so the metal material provides an easy way to dramatically impact the sound and feel of typing. The heftier typing feel may also suit those who prefer switches with heavier actuation forces. If you want more perceived quality and luxury with every keypress, metal keycaps like Awekeys delivers that in spades.

Features and Options of the Awekeys Metal Keycaps

Here are some of the key features and customization options available with the Awekeys Full Metal Keycap Set:

  • Material: CNC machined recycled metal alloy
  • Profiles: Cherry
  • Colors: Burgundy red, royal blue, emerald green, mint, lavender, obsidian black, ivory white
  • Special editions: Gold, silver, titanium
  • Finishes: Metallic matte, pearl glossy

The color options are plentiful, with rich jewel tones and classic options like black and white. The special edition gold, silver, and titanium plated keycaps look stunning and provide next-level luxury.

For additional flair, there are two finish types available. The metallic matte finish offers a more subtle look, while the pearl glossy finish reflects light beautifully and looks ultra premium.

No matter which options you choose, the CNC machined metal construction ensures a wonderful typing experience with deep, resonant acoustics and a heftier feel that plastic can't match.

Are Metal Keycaps Worth the Investment?

With metal keycaps starting at $149 for a full set, they represent a more premium investment than typical plastic keycaps. But for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts seeking the absolute best look, feel, and sound, metal keycaps can be worth it.

Considering their substantially higher material and production costs compared to plastic, the Awekeys metal keycaps are actually reasonably priced. They offer something truly unique to make your custom mechanical keyboard build stand out.

The hefty feel and acoustics impart a sense of quality and luxury that you have to experience firsthand. Typing on metal keycaps becomes addictively satisfying and enjoyable. If you're committed to mechanical keyboards as a hobby, the price becomes easier to justify for such a transformative mod.

There are certainly cheaper ways to mod your keyboard's sound or feel, like lubricating switches, adding o-rings, or using foam. But nothing can quite replicate the solid feel and resonant tones of machined metal. If your keyboard is already excellently tuned, metal keycaps can be the crowning touch that makes it truly incredible.

How Much Weight Do Metal Keycaps Add?

After replacing keycaps, Awekeys metal keycaps significantly increased the weight of keyboard. This heftier feel is another advantage of metal construction and adds to the premium, solid sensation when typing.

Most plastic keycaps weigh between 1-3 grams per keycap on average. High-quality PBT and thicker ABS keycaps may come in closer to 4-5g. By comparison, each of the Awekeys metal keycaps weighs approximately 30g.

For a typical 105 key set (full size ANSI with numpad), this means the metal keycaps add around 2.5 pounds of weight! On a smaller keyboard the impact is reduced, but you can expect 1-2 pounds of extra heft depending on size.

This weight increase contributes to a more solid, anchored typing feel and improved acoustic properties. The momentum of the metal keycap also feels more substantial when typing quickly. If you prefer heavier keyboards, or switches with higher actuation forces, the Awekeys metal keycaps complement those preferences nicely.

Verdict - A Luxurious and Satisfying Upgrade

The Awekeys Full Metal Keycap Set offers a truly unique typing experience through its metal construction. The heft and acoustic qualities enrich the entire sensory experience of typing. Keypresses become more deliberate yet satisfyingly smooth and deep sounding.

For keyboard enthusiasts or professionals who type all day, investing in this metal artisan keycap set can make the keyboard a continuous source of enjoyment. The wide selection of colors and specialty finishes means you can customize both the look and feel to your preference.

If you've been looking to take your mechanical keyboard to the next level with substantive upgrades, the Awekeys metal keycaps deliver an impressive blend of innovation and luxury. The unique advantages of metal make this much more than a visual change, but an overall enhancement in ergonomics, acoustics, and tactile joy.

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