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3 Best 75% Keyboards | Are These Good for Gamers?

75% keyboards are a perfect fit if you're looking for a compact yet effectively functional mechanical keyboard. Unlike regular-sized keyboards, these do not have the numpad, which reduces its size. While there are many options in the market, finding the best 75% keyboards from the crowd is always a hassle. But don't fret! We've got your back! This write-up will enlist some extraordinary 75 percent keyboards with their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. 

Best 75% Keyboards for Different Uses

Let’s get straight into the top five keyboards:

Monsgeek M1W - 75% Blue Pottery Mechanical Keyboard

Monsgeek M1W - 75% Blue Pottery Mechanical Keyboard

The Mongseek M1W is known for its aluminum chassis, which makes it extremely durable. Moreover, the keyboard’s minimally designed aluminum body gives it a modern and sleek look. Thanks to its strong build quality, the keyboard can easily withstand long and rigorous usage without any hiccups.

Another prominent feature of this keyboard is its wireless connectivity, which provides a clutter-free experience. Moreover, the keyboard comes with pre-equipped RGB lighting, which makes it one of the best 75% keyboards. So, you can use its customizable ambiance to set lighting effects according to the PC setup.



  • Only 20 RGB lighting modes
  • Minimal Blue Pottery design may not suit everyone

Alpha 82 75% Quacky Mechanical Keyboard

Alpha 82 75% Quacky Mechanical Keyboard

The Alpha 82 Quacky is a compact keyboard which comes with a knob. The keyboard utilizes PBT keycaps that are very comfortable and resilient with a gradient design, as well as side-printed shine-through legends. The keyboard also supports three modes of connectivity: Wireless 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth version 5.1, and physical connection via the USB-C port.

This makes it very easy to quickly switch between up to 5 devices and also take advantage of a low-latency, stable connection. This best 75 mechanical keyboard also comes with hot-swappable sockets, which allow you to replace the switches without any soldering. 

The keyboard has Akko V3 Piano Pro switches that feature a soft and linear response accompanied by an exceptionally pleasant sound. It also features RGB lighting, which is very customizable according to your desire. You can select the color and vibe that perfectly suits you.


  • PBT keycaps with gradient design and side-printed legends
  • Three modes of connectivity and multi-device support
  • Hot-swappable sockets and Akko V3 Piano Pro switches
  • Customizable RGB backlighting and knob


  • No dedicated arrow keys or function row
  • No software support for customization
  • Battery life may vary depending on usage and lighting

Monsgeek M1W 75% Coffee Mechanical Keyboard

Monsgeek M1W 75% Coffee Mechanical Keyboard

The Monsgeek M1W Coffee Variant is a very elegant device that blends form and also functions in a stylish design. The keyboard has a tough, long-lasting, and minimalistic aluminum chassis, making it one of the best 75% of keyboards. 

Moreover, it has versatile connectivity that enables you to connect your devices via the 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or USB-C wired connection. The keyboard can help connect up to three Bluetooth devices and also has a low latency and high stability wireless mode.

Mechanical key switches give the keyboard a tactile feel and also an auditory response with each keystroke. The keyboard also has an ergonomic and user-friendly layout with multimedia keys, function shortcuts, and customizable macros. It also features RGB backlighting, making it possible to customize your keyboard's appearance and feel. The colors and effects are numerous, ranging from the working space to the gaming setup.


  • Aluminum chassis that is sturdy, durable, and minimalist
  • Wireless capability with multi-mode and multi-device support
  • Mechanical key switches with different options
  • Ergonomic and intuitive layout with multimedia keys, function shortcuts, and macros
  • RGB backlighting with various colors and effects


  • Keycaps may be prone to wear and tear
  • The knob may be hard to reach and use

Why 75% Keyboards Are The Best Pick for Gamers?

For gamers who enjoy mechanical keyboards, it is questionable which form factor is the best for their gaming requirements. Although there are plenty of options to select from, full-sized, TKL, 60%, and even smaller, we consider 75% keyboards to be the best for gamers. Here are some reasons why:

Essential Keys:

The best 75% keyboards have all the necessary keys for gaming, including the function row, the arrow keys, and also some navigation keys. Unlike other 60% keyboards that do not have these keys, the 75% keyboards enable you to operate many different functions and shortcuts without significantly reducing your space. You can also personalize the function layer according to your liking and game settings.


75 percent keyboards are lightweight and also compatible with mobile, which makes them perfect for gaming on the move. They are very portable; you can easily put them in your backpack or your laptop bag and carry them along with you. A smaller keyboard can also offer you a lot more room for your desk and mouse movement, making your gaming experience much better and more comfortable.


The best 75% keyboards are compatible with most of the games and platforms due to the standard layout and the various connection options. It is possible to work with them on a PC, laptop, console, tablet, or even smartphone and change them as needed. Depending on your choice and circumstances, you can also select wired, wireless, or Bluetooth modes.


Most of the keyboards are very enjoyable and personalized, making your gaming experience more exciting and unique. Various keycaps, switches, backlighting, and cases enable the users to design their keyboards. You can also try various layouts, like the compressed or the exploded, to see which one works for you.

How To Choose The Best 75% Keyboard Yourself?

With the knowledge that 75% keyboards are gaming enthusiasts’ ideal choice, you might ask how to find an appropriate option for your needs. There are a variety of factors that must be analyzed, including quality, functions, design, and price cost. Here are some tips to help you get the Best 75% Keyboard:


Keyboard quality is based on the materials, construction, and also lifetime of a keyboard. You need a keyboard that is very durable, dependable, and has excellent longevity. Seek out the keyboards that feature an aluminum or metal chassis, PBT keycaps, and also some mechanical switches. Do not use cheap mechanical keyboards that have a plastic, inexpensive feel with ABS keycaps and membrane switches.


The characteristics of the best 75% keyboard are closely correlated to its functionality, connectivity, and also customization. What you want is a keyboard that has all the keys and functions that you could need, such as function row keys or arrow navigation keys.


The keyboard's design is based on its look, feel, and functionality. You want an ergonomic keyboard that looks very nice, is comfortable to type on, and does its job. Consider buying keyboards that are very slim and have a simplistic design, an easy-to-use layout and interface, as well as good portability. Alternatively, you may also opt for different types of styles, such as compressed or exploded, and many colors like black, white, or rainbow.


The cost of the keyboard is based on the value, budget, and also availability. You need a keyboard that is valued for its price, within your reach, and also available. Search for keyboards that are reasonably priced, have a very positive reputation, and are highly popular. Do not choose keyboards that are too expensive or cheap and hard to find.


75% keyboards are the best choice for gamers who want a compact, versatile, and customizable mechanical keyboard. They offer all the essential keys, multiple connectivity options, and various styles and colors to suit your preferences and needs. 

If you are looking for the best 75% keyboards in the market, check out Goblin Techkeys, where you can find a wide selection of high-quality and unique keyboards, keycaps, and deskmats. Besides, you can create a 75% custom keyboard in just a few clicks! So, don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your gaming experience and style with Goblin Techkeys!

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