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How to use mid journey to generate your dream custom keycap set?

dream keycap set

Join us in this informative guide as we walk you through the process of creating your ideal custom keycap set using Mid Journey, an AI-powered image generator. Discover how effortless it is to bring your dream design to life.

What is Midjourney?


MidJourney is a cutting-edge AI-powered image generator that transforms your imagination into reality. With its vast database of global art resources, you can easily create custom images and designs with just a few keywords. Whether you're a graphic designer or simply looking to bring your creative ideas to life, MidJourney offers an effortless and intuitive solution for generating your desired images. 

What is Custom keycap set?

custom keycap set

A custom keycap set is a personalized set of keycaps for a keyboard, designed to enhance its look and feel. These keycaps are usually made of high-quality materials such as PBT plastic. Custom keycap sets offer a way to personalize and upgrade your keyboard, making it more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.

Guide to generate landscape realistic image on midjouney

Step 1: Head over to to join their discord serverIn order to join the Mid Journey Discord server, it is mandatory to have a Discord account.

Step 2: Join the newbie channel. Choose any 'newbies-#' channel visible in the left-side navigation bar.

mid journey newbie channel

Step 3: Type in "/setting" at the newbies discord channel, and select V4.

midjourney setting

Step 4: To generate an image, type "/imagine" and press enter, then type in a keyword such as "baby spiderman". Then, include "--ar 4:2" to adjust the generated image to a 4:2 landscape aspect ratio.


Step 5: Select your desired image by clicking on U1 to U4. U1 and U2 are the top two images, while U3 and U4 are the bottom first and second images. After selecting, Mid Journey will focus on the chosen image and generate a high-resolution version.


Step 6: Once the image has been generated, save it and upload it to the goblintechkeys Designer's Tools. Adjust the image until it fully covers all keycaps.

goblintechkeys designer tool

Step 7: Next, proceed to checkout and make your payment. In approximately 10 days, your custom keycap set will be delivered to you.

custom keycap designer tool

A custom keycap set is a coveted item for any tech enthusiast. If you're not tech-savvy or skilled in image editing, but still want to design your dream keycaps, head to Mid Journey and start generating your ideal set.

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