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Hunter X Hunter Keycaps | Hisoka Keycaps

Hunter X Hunter Keycaps | Hisoka Keycaps

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 Cool Fan-Made Hunter X Hunter: Hisoka Keycaps Theme Keycaps Set


 Cherry keycap profile

 Material: PBT

 Production Method: Dye-sub 

 Zero wear & tear printing

 Stylish & personalized

### Compatible with:
 Ten-Keyless (TKL)
 Full Size


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Customer Reviews

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Love this keycap set!!!!

This is my second keycap set from Goblin Tech and they do not disappoint! My first set was a Whispers of the Heart set which is my favorite anime movie and I was amazed on how good the quality was and the fact they had such a specialty keycap set. So when I saw that they had Hisoka Morow from Hunter x Hunter which is my favorite anime tv series. I knew I had to buy it. The colors are spot on with Hisoka's character, the pictures are crisp along with the legends. The key caps are not thin and feel great when typing, it has a matte finish so my fingers do not slide to the next keys, so there is less accidently key presses when I type. Also there are not misprints or anything off center. As you can see in the pictures. Be aware that the esc key and the F5-F8 are specialty artisan keys that do not come with the set. But I am so glad on how well the keys goes along with my akko keyboard (in case anyone wanted to know I got the keyboard from aliexpress from the official akko store) . I will definitely buy from Goblin Tech again. I am actually think about doing a custom keycap set of spirited away. I just need to figure out the layout. But I would recommend not only this set but any that Goblin Tech makes!