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Blue Pottery Keycaps

Blue Pottery Keycaps

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  • [FLEXIBILITY ON CUSTOMIZATION]: We offer the option to customize both the main and sub legends on our keycaps. Additionally, we can tailor this keycap set to match your specific keyboard layout. Feel free to send us a direct message for any inquiries.
  • [PBT DYE SUBLIMATION]: With high-quality 1.6mm thickness PBT keycaps and an anti-grease coating, these 108-key keycaps provide top-notch durability. This PBT keycap set is both reliable and brings an incredible atmosphere to your composition.
  • [EXTENSIVE KEYCAP SELECTION]: Consists of 109 keycaps which fits most of the standard 60%, 65%, 75%, 80%, 96% and 100% mechanical keyboards.
  • [CHERRY PROFILE]: These are ergonomically designed cherry keycaps that will give you a comfortable typing experience without getting tired even after prolonged use.
  • [CHERRY MX STEM COMPATIBLE]: Compatibility with Cherry MX, Kailh Box, Gateron, Akko, Outemu and etc mechanical gaming switches.

  • [WARM TIPS]: Only keycaps, not a keyboard. When you receive the package, please check that the keycaps are in good condition. If you find that the keycap is missing or cracked, please contact customer service to send you a new replacement key.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cole Canfield
Beautiful set

I got this to go with my KBD8X board and i think it turned out awesome

Frank Gastambide
Beautiful set

Very beautiful set,
Quick manufacturing and shipping even with my unusual layout!


Looks just like the picture. lots of nice designs and creativity. thoughtful packaging. Great gift

Great set

(Before starting : on my photos the keyscaps looks beige ... it's my camera/lights, in reality the white is realy clean)
Overall a realy good keycap set, less pricy and more original than an gmk of other brand that concider themselfs "premium".
Tho there are points to notice :
- actualy there are difference between the set and the photo, like the vertical prints are higher ... i mean they cover more the side of the keycap,
(There not a blue line at the bottom of the space bar for ex), witch is better.
- Othe noticable difference is that the "printed lines" are thicker, witch you can realy see on the backspace and other detailed area. In the end that probably suit better my board but the backspace details feels a little bit mushy.

For the point that i would have liked to have :
- probably the fault of neo65's (sh*ty) stabs more than goblinTK : i had problems withs caps that needed stabs, that was very very tight, i'm legit a bit worried the next time i have to take them off.
- there is the possibility to add other langues in subb legend ; could be cool to have the possibility to not have the writting on the [tab;crl;alt;fn;....] the same way you dont write [spacebar] on the spacebar, i know where is my tab but here it is and it cover some of the printing. Or in other cases because of the printing you almost can't even see what it is written (i think about the numpad keys)
- and final note : 5 more "random" keys would have been great because i use an ANSI layout with a bit of twist but here I had to use the "3" and a "menu" insted of shit to cover my twists. Espetialy in a cherry profile where you can't put any key anywhere. (When the xda profiles btw ?)

But even if i could point some negative points overall the set is great, it fits well my board, the shipping what not espectialy long (even during a sale week) ; the package was nice an clean with a little kind goody.
I realy recommend the set and encourage goblinTK to continue doing original sets like this in the future because as a beginner it's the first thing i saw : the lack of original keycap sets.

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